Firefighters Break Through Wall to Save a Cat That Doesn’t Seem Thankful

By Teresa Harper 2 Min Read

A photo of a happy firefighter named CM Friar, holding a cat he just saved, has gone viral because the cat looks so ungrateful.

Cats often get into trouble because they’re too curious and end up stuck in tight places. Usually, cats are glad to be helped when they’re stuck up high or squeezed into a tiny spot, but this cat with a mix of colors on its coat seems grumpy about being rescued.

The Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service got to work when they heard about a cat stuck inside a wall. They wrote, “Between a wall and a hard place – literally! Our crews from Preston safely rescued this curious cat from their tight squeeze earlier this week.”

With careful work, they chipped away at the wall to get the cat out, making sure everyone was “safe and sound.” Still, the cat they helped did not look thankful.

People all over have been talking about this cat’s frown. Someone tried to guess why the cat was upset, saying, “That cat was winning at hide and seek until you pulled her out, the look says it all.”

Someone else said, “if gratitude had a face it wouldn’t be this kitty cat.”

Even if the cat doesn’t show it, the firefighters are sure the cat’s owners are pleased she’s safe. People are also saying nice things about the firefighters for being so calm and careful, especially when they see the big gloves Friar has on in the picture.

The fire service ended with a playful note, “Cats always like to keep us on our toes.”

Having a cat means something fun can always happen. Tell this story to your friends who love cats to make them smile. And you can write down what you think the cat might be thinking in the comments.

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