Labrador Tied Up and Looking for Help from People Walking By for 4 Months is Finally Rescued

By Teresa Harper 5 Min Read

For four long months, a Labrador Retriever lay chained by the side of a road, his life limited to the length of a meter-long chain. His story would have gone untold if not for the call that changed everything.

The call was a cry for help for four newborn puppies whose mother had inexplicably vanished. They were helpless, their eyes not yet open to the world. An old lady, over 80 years old, found herself overwhelmed, unable to care for them, and that’s how the rescuers were summoned.

But upon arrival, it wasn’t just the puppies who needed saving. A Labrador tethered outside caught the rescuer’s eye, his presence a silent plea for help. The chains binding him were a marker of a harsh life, spent with a water bucket that was visibly dirty and a heart yearning for affection. Every time the rescue worker paused his touch, the Labrador would raise his paws, a desperate plea not to be left alone again.

The old lady, too advanced in years to walk the young Labrador, was trapped in her own predicament. She couldn’t relinquish the dog, as he was her watchful eye when she wasn’t home. Despite his chains, she insisted he wasn’t neglected; she cooked for him every day, although the food left much to be desired.

The puppies, meanwhile, were fighting their own battle for survival. The mother Labrador’s absence meant their lives hung precariously in the balance. Attempts to find a surrogate mother were in vain; the field dog that was found only accepted one of the newborns, leaving the others still in danger.

With no time to lose, the rescue worker took the puppies into their care, but their thoughts lingered on the chained Labrador, whose origins pointed to irresponsible owners who had neither spayed nor neutered their pets, leading to their current predicament.

Days turned into weeks as the rescue worker visited the Labrador, each time greeted with unprecedented joy. The dog offered the best gift he could muster—a cucumber—as if to show his appreciation. The conditions were deplorable, with a stench from uncleaned feces and heat exacerbating the spread of germs.

Gradually, the neighborhood started to notice the efforts. The Labrador’s food bowl, once full of rancid leftovers, was now filled with fresh food and water, and the dog gobbled it down eagerly.

Finally, the labor of love bore fruit. Through persistent discussion and a heartfelt connection established over countless visits, the owner recognized the Labrador’s suffering and was swayed. A heavy price was negotiated—much more than the rescuer could easily afford—but the decision was made. This Labrador’s life was worth every penny.

It was a bittersweet victory. Cutting the chains was a moment filled with a whirlwind of emotions. The Labrador, now called Dabai, or “Big White,” was truly priceless, a sentiment echoed by every silent supporter who had followed this journey.

The rescue was not just about freeing Dabai, though. It was a promise for a better tomorrow. As the rescuer led Dabai away for the first time, leash-free, and into a loving bath to alleviate his skin conditions, a new chapter began. It was a story of compassion, perseverance, and a community that came together to turn chains into freedom.

Dabai’s new life now includes a warm house and the liberty to roam, play, and live. Each moment of joy he experiences is a testament to the power of kindness and the undeniable truth that every life has immeasurable value.

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Laborador Retriever Chained and Seeking Help from Passersby for 4 Months Finally Rescued
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