Rescue Dog Greets the Train Each Day with a Howl, Winning Over the Internet

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Some dogs might bark at loud noises, but Baloo, a rescue dog, has his unique way to start the day. Instead of getting scared, he howls along with the sound of trains passing by, and his morning routine is capturing the hearts of people all over the internet.

Isabella Boone, a 25-year-old dog owner, has captured a heartwarming moment and shared it on TikTok for everyone to see. The video showcases her dog Baloo, engaging in a morning tradition where he joyously howls in greeting. Remarkably, Baloo’s howl extends for an uninterrupted span of 40 seconds, an impressive feat that has him holding the note almost as long as a train’s whistle.

@bully.baloo the PIPES on this man 😩🎤 #dogsofttiktok #funnydogs #doggo #fyp ♬ original sound – Baloo the Bully

Just like people have different ways to talk, dogs also make various sounds to say something. It looks like Baloo is trying to copy the train’s whistle with his howling. This adorable morning ritual between Baloo and the train is charming viewers online, showing just how special and endearing animals can be.

Keep up with Baloo the Bully on Tiktok

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