She Was Sad To Lose Her Puppies But She Found Hope

By Teresa Harper 3 Min Read

A high school student made a call that led to a dog in great need. It took hours to find the dog described. She was lying down, unable to get up, and struggling to move. The sight that brought tears was her breasts full of milk but no puppies in sight. They split up to search, yet found none. The dog, taken to the vet for tests and X-rays, seemed alright, but her feet were tender and her eyes worried, as if asking, “Where are my puppies?” Over a day passed with no news, and they feared someone had taken her puppies, hoping they were in caring homes.

Three days later, the dog, named Lidochka, was visited and she was overjoyed. She tried to sit up, her beautiful eyes bringing peace to those who saw her. Gifts and cake were brought, enjoyed by Lidochka and the other dogs, each with their own sad story, all fighting for a better life. Her resting place was made cozy, and the day was spent by her side, giving comfort after her loss, though they still didn’t know the cause of her pain or how to make her happier.

On day five, Lidochka began her rehabilitation training. It was tough at first, and she nearly quit, but the doctors kept her going. They called her Lido, and she tried hard each day, managing to stand and walk a little. The fire of hope was seen in her despite her unhappiness.

Lido’s diet was carefully watched, especially since training took much energy and made her hungry. She ate eagerly, showing the success of the relentless efforts. Lido managed to stand and even walk around, surprising herself. The joy at that moment was beyond words. They promised to watch over her for a few more days before she could go home.

Lido was curious about the projector image in her new space, a place where they could relax after long days. She settled into her new life quickly, showing patience with her new friends at home and watching movies all day if she could. The person caring for her wondered if Lido understood what it meant to have a cinema at home. They hoped to build many more happy memories, leaving the bad ones behind.

With love and care, Lido had transformed; she was healthier and happier each day. Her eyes, once filled with sadness, now sparkled with happiness. Changing the life of a dog like Lidochka felt like changing fate itself. They thanked everyone for the support and looked forward to sharing more videos, saying goodbye until next time.

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She crawled to look at us in tears and asking “where are my puppies”
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