The Mother Dog Was Lying on The Ground, Staring At Them and Pleading For Their Assistance.

By Teresa Harper 4 Min Read

Heartache gripped them when they received the call. An abandoned mother dog with her two puppies were in trouble, one of which was in such pain, covered with worms, it could only scream. Time was not on their side as they rushed the little family to the vet for help.

There, one puppy, overwhelmed by his pain and the parasites that invaded his tiny body, passed away. The loss was a heavy blow. But there was still hope for the last baby, named Lara, who had her own painful battle: both of her back legs were broken.

Those who came to help had to act fast. They cut away Lara’s hair, which was also infested with maggots. Every moment was a battle between life and death. Lara’s mother, worn out and unable to give milk, watched helplessly. Thankfully, Lara showed strength beyond her size; she could eat without her mother’s help.

On the third day, little Lara faced surgery, and everyone was praying. She lay on an electric blanket that kept her warm through the procedure. The wait felt like an eternity until finally, the surgery ended successfully. Lara woke up—a tiny bundle weighing only 1.6 kilograms, now with both her legs mended by surgery.

Each new day brought a simple, heartfelt greeting: “Good Morning Lara!” And as the days passed, Lara’s recovery moved forward, step by step. The doctors and vet staff poured their hearts into saving this precious life, celebrating each small victory over suffering, fear, and pain.

Ten days in, Lara showed her spirit by eating a lot. By day 12, it was clear that she was more than just her size; she was a fighter, pushing through her limitations just to do the simplest things like eating and staying hydrated.

Thirteen days after the ordeal began, Lara took a short walk wearing a little fashion suit—a small sign of the long journey ahead. Each day marked a new milestone, a testament to Lara’s resilience and those who never left her side.

After four months, Lara was nearly unrecognizable from the puppy they had saved. It was a message to never give up, to fight until the very end, and to provide unwavering love and care.

On day 180, Lara took steps on her own, each one a reason to celebrate. Lara had become a beautiful boy, now six and a half months old, weighing around 10 kilograms, surrounded by friends and enveloped in the love of a family who believed he deserved a second chance at life.

The transformation of Lara, from a vulnerable puppy fighting for her life to a joyful, healthy dog, is a story of unwavering hope and dedication. It’s a story that reminds everyone of the power of love, care, and the spirit of survival that lives in every creature. Lara’s journey serves as an inspiration, a beacon of light for all those who face the darkest times, proving that with support and care, second chances can lead to beautiful new beginnings.

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The mother dog looking at us with shedding tear begging us for help her puppies laid on the ground
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