Cornered Crocodile is Forced to Attack 5 Lions

By DENIS 2 Min Read

Alright, buckle up for a tale of tooth and claw from the wilds of the Greater Kruger Park! It’s the kind of story that makes you glad you’re safe behind a screen and not out there in the bush.

So, picture this: A crocodile, minding its own business, picks up the scent of some leftover waterbuck dinner, courtesy of the Talamati Pride – a fierce group of lions known in these parts. The croc, thinking it’s stumbled upon an easy meal, slinks out of the water. But oh boy, was he wrong!

image credit: Vernon Cresswell

Vernon Cresswell, a lucky guy with a camera, caught the whole showdown in Buffelshoek, in the Sabi Sands area. He’d been tracking the Talamati Pride, who had recently taken down a male waterbuck. After feasting, the lions left the carcass about 100 meters from the dam – prime real estate for a hungry croc.

Cornered Crocodile is Forced to Attack 5 Lions

But as the crocodile got close, a bunch of curious lion cubs – all nine of them – started snooping around. They seemed intrigued by this scaly intruder. This little meet-and-greet soon escalated when the adult lionesses (five of them) joined the party.

At first, the lions seemed to be just messing with Mr. Croc, testing out his reflexes. But then, the croc snapped – literally! With a massive clench of his jaws, he tried to fend off the felines. That jaw snap was like a green light for the lions. They launched into a full-blown attack, leaving the crocodile with no choice but to make a run for it. In a desperate dash for survival, the croc scrambled back towards the safety of the water and finally disappeared into the dam.

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