Brave Woman Holds Onto Canal for 18 Hours to Rescue Her Dog

By Teresa Harper 2 Min Read
Credit: Yuma County Sheriff's Office

Imagine hanging onto a tree in a rush of wild water, not just for a few scary minutes, but for a whole day and a night! This isn’t your everyday splash in the pool – it’s the gripping story of one Tucson woman’s determination to save her fur-baby.

Here’s the scoop: A lady in Tucson was minding her business by a canal near Yuma when, all of a sudden, her beloved 55-pound doggy took a tumble into the water. Quick as a flash, she dove right in after him. But this wasn’t just any swim; it was a fierce battle against the currents to keep two heads above water.

For a jaw-dropping 18 hours, this superwoman clung to a tree for dear life. And get this: she did it while holding onto her hefty dog! Can you believe that? Eighteen hours, muscles screaming, water roaring, and hope slim. It was one heck of a situation.

Then, as if on cue, a knight in shining armor – or rather, a train conductor – spotted the struggle and did the hero thing: he called for help. Fast!

Deputy Filberto Salcido, one of the rescuers, shared how the woman was hanging by a thread. She confessed to him, and we quote, “she was about to give up until she heard our sirens.” Talk about a last-minute save!

In the end, both the woman and her dog pulled through. Sure, she was battered, bruised, and totally worn out from the ordeal, but she didn’t let the canal claim her or her four-legged pal.

This tale of survival is a shout-out to all the pet parents who’d do anything for their furry kids, and a reminder of the unseen heroes ready to lend a hand – or a siren’s call – when things get too deep. 

Watch video here:

18-hour fight for her life: Woman hangs onto tree with her dog until being discovered and rescued fr
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