Devoted Pup Helps Owner Conquer Daily Commute Despite Disabilities

By Teresa Harper 1 Min Read

Meet Ma, a person who’s been facing a big challenge since he was little. He has Polio, which means he can’t use his legs. Every single day comes with its tough moments. But Ma’s got a hero in his life, and it’s his dog, Big Yellow.

Big Yellow isn’t just any pet; he’s a true friend with a heart of gold. He wasn’t trained by any professionals to be a service dog, but you’d never know it. He’s just naturally awesome at helping Ma out.

Every morning, Big Yellow is right there, ready to lend a paw. He helps Ma get to work and stays by his side, making sure Ma can handle his day with a bit more ease. This dog is all about sticking with his best buddy and making sure he’s okay.

The bond between Ma and Big Yellow is something really special. It shows that sometimes the best helpers come on four legs and with a wagging tail. Big Yellow, without any fancy training, is showing the world what it means to be the best service dog ever.

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