Dog Clings to Deceased Owner’s Casket And Unwilling to Part Ways

By Teresa Harper 2 Min Read

Letting go of someone we love is incredibly tough, and it turns out, this feeling isn’t just a human thing.

In Lima, Peru, during a heartfelt funeral, not only the family but also their pet dog was deeply feeling the loss.

This loyal dog, overwhelmed with sadness, was seen leaning over the open casket, mourning deeply for his owner. When the moment came to part ways, the dog simply couldn’t bear to leave his side.

Image credit: Zolex Reporters

Despite the family’s attempts to gently pull the dog away, hoping to take him home, he was determined to stay right there. His refusal was so strong that even when a family member tried lifting him away, he resisted with all his might, gripping the casket’s edge firmly with his paws.

Dog clings to dead owner’s coffin and has to be carried away

This moment highlights the profound connection between humans and their pets. This dog’s actions remind us that animals, too, can feel love and loss deeply, mirroring our own emotions.

Fortunately, this dog is not alone in his time of sorrow. He’s surrounded by a family ready to envelop him with the love and care he needs during this difficult time.

The person who has passed away was indeed fortunate to have such a loyal and loving friend by their side.

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