Dog Gets a Dinosaur Costume and His Reaction Is Awesome

By Teresa Harper 2 Min Read

Who doesn’t love seeing their dog in a fun new outfit? From a cool new jacket to the brightest bow tie, our pets can turn heads with their fashion. But what if your dog’s latest wardrobe addition turned him into the star of his very own ‘Jurassic Park’? That’s exactly what happened when one playful pet owner decided to add a little roar to his dog’s day with a hilarious dinosaur mask.

A dog owner decided to sprinkle a little prehistoric fun into his dog’s wardrobe. He slips a dinosaur mask onto his four-legged buddy. But what he didn’t see coming was the total transformation! That’s right, his pup took on a whole new persona the moment the dino mask went on.

@originalchrismartin POV : when you give YOUR dog a DINO mask and life’s NEVER the same SINCE… #fyp #foryou #jurassicpark #dinodog #dinosaurs #furrytiktok #furriesoftiktok ♬ original sound – Chris Martin's shop

This dino-dog debut took TikTok by storm, thanks to a video from @originalChrisMartin. Viewers can’t get enough of this pint-sized “Jurassic Bark” star. The clip even caught the eye of the Jurassic World crew on TikTok, who crowned the pooch “such a natural.” Who knew a simple mask could turn a regular dog into a tiny T-Rex sensation?

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