Dog Owner Hit with $12K Vet Bill!

By Teresa Harper 3 Min Read

Meet Goob, a golden retriever with a habit that turned out to be quite costly. He’s the type of pup who needs to gnaw on something all the time, just like how some kids always have a toy in their mouth they’re nibbling on. But oh boy, Goob’s love for chewing got him into a real pickle, leading to a vet visit that left his owner shelling out a massive $12,000!

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Goob wasn’t your typical pup. He adored chomping on sticks, especially when hanging out at the park with his owner. Usually, if he swallowed some, he’d be fine. But this time, trouble brewed. After a chew session gone wrong, Goob was hurling up sticks like confetti. However, one stick decided to be a real pain and got stuck inside him. Goob wasn’t himself anymore; he was sluggish and kept getting sick.

Fearing the worst, his owner rushed him to an emergency vet. The news from the vet was a doozy – Goob had a blockage inside him. And folks, getting stuff out of a dog’s belly isn’t cheap. The cost? It can hit anywhere between $2,000 to $10,000, but Goob’s bill flew past that to over $12,000!

Taking the stick out was just the beginning. Poor Goob had to trot back to the vet three extra times for pancreatitis and infection. His owner spilled the beans on her TikTok video that, yep, she had pet insurance, but guess what? It didn’t cover it all. So, she had to juggle payments across several credit cards, leaving her in “crippling debt.” But ask her, and she’d say it’s all worth it – after all, “They’re our babies!”

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Goob’s story isn’t just about the hefty bill; it’s a big red flag for all dog parents. Sticks might seem like fun and games, but they’re a choking hazard and can mess up a dog’s insides, just like they did for Goob.

Understandably shaken, Goob’s owner is on a mission. She’s determined not to let another scary episode happen. She’s all in on training Goob to turn him into a model citizen – no more stick-chewing for him. “He just finished an obedience class and we’re starting with a trainer at the end of the month!” she told Newsweek.

Goob’s tale is a cautionary one, urging folks to keep an eye on their fur babies. Sometimes, it takes a stick (and a massive bill!) to remind us to double down on training and safety. Keep your pups safe, and maybe leave those sticks for building forts instead!

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