Dog Peeks Out of Her Cage to Watch Her Friends Leave the Shelter with New Families

By Teresa Harper 3 Min Read

Shelter life can be tough for dogs hoping to find a family. It’s a mix of happy and sad moments—happy when a dog is picked to join a new home, but sad when some dogs get left behind, feeling all alone. This is the story of one such dog named Chauncey, whose shyness made it hard for her to find her forever family.

The Waiting Game for Chauncey

Chauncey was a sweet and playful dog who lived at the Spartanburg Humane Society. She was pretty shy, which made it tough for her to stand out and get adopted. She spent her days watching as her friends left with new families, peering through a gap in the door, wondering when her turn would come.

Why Won’t Anyone Pick Chauncey?

The shelter workers were baffled. Chauncey was such a great dog, but no one seemed to notice her. Angel Cox, the CEO of the Humane Society, shared with The Dodo that Chauncey was very reserved at first. She seemed to just watch life pass her by among all the noise and chaos of the shelter environment.

The Shelter’s Love for Chauncey

Even though she was looked over by visitors, Chauncey wasn’t alone. The shelter staff felt for her. They spent extra time with her, taking her on walks, and giving her cuddles and treats. Cox said that Chauncey adored the attention from the staff and volunteers, and she walked nicely on a leash, making her a volunteer favorite.

A Temporary Family

Finally, a family noticed Chauncey and decided to take her home. But, after a short while, things didn’t work out, and Chauncey found herself back at the shelter. The Spartanburg team was relentless, though. They wouldn’t give up on her.

Social Media to the Rescue


Determined to find her a home, the shelter shared Chauncey’s story on Facebook, hoping to attract the right person or family. And it worked! Another family saw the post, came to meet her, and it was love at first sight.

Chauncey Finds Her Forever Home

The moment Chauncey met her new family, she showed off her charming, loving personality. She won them over with her sweetness. The shelter staff were thrilled to see her finally happy. Chauncey’s shyness might have made her journey tough, but she never lost hope.

Chauncey’s tale is a reminder that sometimes the quietest ones have the most love to give. Her story encourages people to take a second look and consider adopting a shy dog. Now, in her new home, Chauncey isn’t just watching the world go by—she’s a beloved part of it.

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