Dog Tied to a House is Super Happy When He Spots Someone Coming to Rescue Him

By Teresa Harper 3 Min Read

In Detroit, there was a man who spotted something strange at the empty house next door. Curious, he went closer and saw a super sweet dog—sadly, the dog was chained up to the house.

The man knew he had to do something right away. So he called Rebel Dogs Detroit, a group known for helping dogs in tough spots.

They sent a volunteer, Tiffany Perkins, to see what was going on. When Tiffany got there and saw the pup, she just melted. The dog, who was named Beaker, was a bit shy at first and was hiding. But when Tiffany called out to him and got closer, Beaker’s tail started to wag like crazy and he didn’t want to stop getting cuddles.

Image Credits: Rebel Dogs Detroit

“Beaker was timid and hiding behind the garage. He peered out when I started calling to him. As I got closer, his tail started wagging. Then he pressed himself against us as we petted him – and he seemed visibly relieved. He ‘squealed’ like a muppet, so excited was he, so he was named Beaker!” Tiffany shared.

Beaker had been tied to the house for who knows how long, and it made him a little nervous around new people. But it wasn’t long before he figured out that Tiffany was a friend.

Tiffany took the chain off Beaker and let me tell you, Beaker was over the moon. He was so happy, he plopped down for some belly rubs and acted all goofy.

But then Tiffany saw something that wasn’t right. Beaker had a scar around his neck from the chain. She knew she had to get him to a vet fast.

Image Credits: Rebel Dogs Detroit

While they waited for Beaker’s surgery, Tiffany gave him all the love he hadn’t gotten while he was chained up. “We had a lot of time together in the car, waiting for his surgery, for over 5 hours. After a while, he was napping with his head in my lap,” said Tiffany.

Image Credits: Rebel Dogs Detroit

Everything Beaker went through didn’t stop him from being a total sweetheart. After he got better from surgery, he went to a foster home where he learned how awesome it is to live indoors with a family who loves him.

Beaker knows the world’s full of kind people who will give him the care and love he deserves.

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