Dog Waits All Day For The Guy Who Rescued Her To Come Home From Work

By Teresa Harper 1 Min Read

Mr. Fitzwater, who works down at the coal mine, kept bumping into this dog who seemed to pop up out of nowhere. At first, he didn’t think much of it, but the dog kept showing up, getting friendlier each time. It soon became clear she didn’t have a home, so Mr. Fitzwater took her in! Just like that, Sadie Kate went from an abandoned pup to having a family.

Now, Sadie Kate has her daily ritual. She camps out in the driveway, keeping a watchful eye out for that familiar truck. Sara Fitzwater sees it all the time—Sadie Kate waiting ever so patiently for her dad to come home from a long day’s work.

And when he finally arrives? It’s a heart-melting hello, time and time again! 

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