Guy Wakes Up Toothless and Spots His Pup Grinning with His Dentures

By Teresa Harper 1 Min Read

Maggie, a pint-sized Shih Tzu-Chihuahua mix, is already a character with a personality way bigger than her size. She’s got the good life down pat, loving every second with her tail wagging. But this one day, she was extra smiley, and for a hilarious reason.

Her owner stirred one morning to find his dentures nowhere in sight. After a round of searching, the dentures popped up in the last place he expected. His daughter Eunice, who couldn’t resist sharing the chuckle with the world online, spilled the details to The Dodo.

“He was sure he’d left them in the bathroom,” said Eunice. “But nope, not there. He starts looking all over, and lo and behold, there’s Maggie, hiding under the living room table, grinning like she’s got the secret to happiness.”

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