Jon Stewart Tearfully Reveals ‘Daily Show’ Mascot Dipper’s Passing

By Teresa Harper 2 Min Read

In a heartfelt edition of The Daily Show last night, Jon Stewart shared the sorrowful news of the passing of ‘Dipper,’ the family’s cherished three-legged rescue dog.

This brindle Pit Bull, who overcame adversity with only three legs, became part of the Stewart clan after a family-led fundraiser at a local bake sale to help Animal Haven, an animal shelter in New York City.

Stewart recounted a poignant story from when his children were just little tykes, setting up a bake sale stand right outside the shelter. In an effort to assist, the shelter brought out a young dog who had been the victim of a car accident in Brooklyn, resulting in the loss of a leg.

Overcome with emotion, Stewart recalled how they couldn’t resist bringing the pup home that day, giving him the name Dipper. He shared that Dipper wasn’t just a family pet; he was a fixture at The Daily Show, becoming part of the original gang of dogs that wandered the set. Dipper rubbed shoulders with celebrities, authors, and even world leaders.

Stewart, with a heavy heart, revealed, “We said goodbye to Dipper yesterday. He was at peace. He was spent. Me? I’m still not ready.”

In a poignant farewell, Stewart expressed, “I hope you all get to find that one dog in your lifetime… That one… It’s just the greatest feeling.”

The video is profoundly moving, capturing the deep bond between Stewart and Dipper. Letting go of a dog is a pain that never fully fades, but over time, grief can give way to cherished memories with a fur-friend who was, in every sense, a true member of the family. The joy and love dogs bring into our lives are immeasurable, and their loss leaves a void that’s as deep as it is painful.

Jon Stewart Remembers His Best Boy, Dipper | The Daily Show
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