Man Dives into Miami Waters To Save a Dog After Leap Over Sea Wall

By Teresa Harper 1 Min Read

Recently, in the calm morning hours at Biscayne Bay, a dog unexpectedly sprinted toward a sea wall and hurdled over it into the ocean, instantly requiring a rescue. A courageous bystander didn’t hesitate and dove into the water to retrieve the struggling pup.

The entire act of bravery was caught on video by a nearby resident using her smartphone.

The rescue footage made waves on TikTok after being posted by @TheTodayShow, with users commending Blake Lazarus for his selfless act of heroism.

@todayshow Blake Lazarus' heroic actions to save a dog after it jumped a sea wall in Miami were captured on camera by someone in a nearby apartment. #TODAYShow ♬ original sound – TODAY Show
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