Woman Wakes Up To A New Dog Chilling On Her Back Patio

By Teresa Harper 1 Min Read

One morning, Amy Haden got an unexpected wake-up call from her daughter. “There’s a dog hanging out on the back porch,” she said. Now, Amy’s family already includes two dogs, but this one? A total stranger. And there he sat, cool as a cucumber, claiming a chair on their patio without a care in the world!

Day after day, the mysterious visitor was a regular sight. Whether they were leaving for the day or coming back from work, there he was, parked in his self-assigned spot. Amy did her due diligence, checking with neighbors and scanning for a microchip, but it was a dead end.

Not to worry, though—Amy wasn’t about to leave this pup in limbo. She worked out a forever spot for Walker, and this happy-go-lucky dog is all in on his new life! 

Woman wakes up to a new dog sitting on patio furniture | GMA
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