Pit Bull Rescues Baby From House Fire by Dragging Her By the Diaper

By Teresa Harper 2 Min Read

This amazing story will have you looking at pit bulls with a whole new level of respect.

One night in sunny California, a mom named Latana Chai and her little baby, Masailah, were chilling at home. But out of nowhere, things got real scary, real fast.

Latana’s pit bull, Sasha, only eight months old, started making a huge fuss. Sasha was barking super loud and smashing against the door like she was trying to tell her human something mega important. The commotion was totally not like Sasha, who’s usually as chill as a cucumber on a cool day.

Sensing trouble, Latana rushed to the back door. What she saw made her heart nearly stop – ugly black smoke and nasty flames coming out of her neighbor’s house! Without a second to lose, the fire was jumping over to Latana’s place.

Racing back inside, Latana’s heart dropped. But there was Sasha, being a full-on superhero, dragging little Masailah by her diaper away from danger!

The brave pit bull pup didn’t bark up the wrong tree. “[Sasha] saved everybody,” Latana shared with KTXL. She was pretty sure that without Sasha’s loud warnings, none of their neighbors would’ve known about the fire until it was maybe too late.

Watch video below

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