Raccoon and Deer Form an Unexpected Friendship

By Teresa Harper 1 Min Read
Image thanks to: texasfawnandfriends

Carrie Long, a dedicated wildlife rehabilitator, once responded to an urgent situation involving a 3-week-old raccoon. Found in a rainstorm, abandoned and in a dire state, the raccoon’s survival was uncertain. Long, who runs the nonprofit Texas Fawn and Friends and primarily focuses on orphaned deer, decided to extend her care to this tiny raccoon, naming him Jasper.

Image thanks to: texasfawnandfriends

Through Long’s compassionate care, Jasper not only recovered but thrived. As he grew, Jasper formed an unexpected and touching relationship with the inhabitants of Long’s deer sanctuary.

Among the 75 orphaned deer that Texas Fawn and Friends cares for, one deer named Hope has formed a particularly special connection with Jasper. Hope, who also lost her mother at a young age, finds companionship and solace in her friendship with Jasper. Despite reaching maturity and having the option to leave, Jasper chooses to stay at the sanctuary, offering his presence and comfort to Hope and the other deer.

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