Service Dog Joyfully Chooses His Own Disney Toy and It’s Adorable

By Teresa Harper 1 Min Read

So, imagine this: you’re strolling through Disney, soaking in the magic at every corner, and there’s this woman with her trusty service dog, right? Now, this isn’t just any regular day at Disney for these two. This dog is about to have a shopping spree moment that’s very heartwarming.

The woman, who’s super cool for sharing her life online, decides to let her four-legged hero pick out his very own toy from a Disney gift shop. And get this: she filmed it all and put it on TikTok for us to see. It’s got “aww” written all over it!

@radiantlygolden I cant believe he chose… 🤯 #servicedog #servicedogsoftiktok #servicedogteam #disneyparks #waltdisneyworld #hostedbydisney ♬ Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride (From "Lilo & Stitch") – Karaoke Version – Urock Karaoke
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