Sleepy Police Pup Falls Asleep at Swearing-in Ceremony

By Teresa Harper 3 Min Read

Meet Brody, the fluffiest member of the Bristol Police Department in Rhode Island. April 6, 2020, was supposed to be his big day – the day he took his oath to become an official police pup. That’s a big deal for anyone, especially for a little guy with paws!

Swearing-in is a big moment. It’s when someone promises to start their new job with all their heart. But Brody had his own ideas about how to spend this special day… because, let’s face it, Mondays can be tough.

While the police station buzzed with excitement for the ceremony, Brody wasn’t too bothered about all the fuss. Nope, he figured a good nap was the order of the day! And nap he did, right through all the speeches and applause. His partner, Officer Keith Medeiros, had to take over because Brody was off in dreamland.

The ceremony was so special they broadcast it live on Facebook for everyone to see. And what they got was a livestream of Brody snoozing on the desk. People couldn’t help but chuckle at the sight – a police puppy too sleepy to stay awake for his own big moment!

Brody did manage to wake up for just a bit, long enough to strike a pose for a photo, then it was back to his puppy dreams.

Image credit: bpdk9brody

Officer Medeiros has seen a lot of Brody’s snoozing and had this to say: “He plays very hard and he sleeps very hard. When he’s not playing, he’s sleeping, which is pretty hard because he sleeps a lot.”

And it wasn’t just Officer Medeiros who talked about Brody. The police chief, Kevin Lynch, had some words too: “This is a great day for the Bristol Police Department and for our future.” He’s got big plans for Brody once the little pup’s done with his nap.

So, even though Brody’s first day on the job was more about zzz’s than duties, everyone’s sure he’ll grow into a great police dog. For now, though, let’s just say he’s on undercover snooze patrol.

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