The Bull Who Loves Treats as Much as Dogs Do

By Teresa Harper 1 Min Read

Let’s talk about pets with a serious love for snacks. If you’ve got a four-legged friend at home, you know the drill: flash a treat, and suddenly you’re the best thing since sliced bread. Training’s a breeze, and your pal is putty in your hands. But be careful—leave your snacks unguarded, and you might just find them gone in a flash!

Now, we usually hear about this kind of snack drama from folks with cats and dogs. But guess what? There’s a mini bull out there who’s just as snack-crazy as any household pet. His name is Lucky, and treats are his game.

The internet got a dose of Lucky’s love for treats on TikTok

@ddv8661 Lucky was busy supervising the tractor 😂 Until he saw the treat wagon 😂#fyp #ladyfarmerneedsacocktail #findreasonstosmile #miniaturehereford ♬ original sound – RWV Land & Livestock

When people saw Lucky rush to greet his owner, they couldn’t help comparing it to a dog’s enthusiastic welcome. And they nailed it! That’s exactly what it’s like.

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