The Dog Jumped in Front Of The Car and Begged Them to Take Him.

By Teresa Harper 3 Min Read

On a day like any other, a dog did something no one could believe. People were going to their jobs when, right before their eyes, a dog made a daring move. Just outside the shelter, 100 meters away, he leaped in front of their car. He looked at them with eyes that seemed to say, “Please, take me with you.” It was as if he knew this was his chance to find a better life. He stood there as if his heart was speaking directly to theirs, and it was impossible not to feel moved.

Leaving him behind was not an option. On the first day since the rescue, the dog, who they called Jessie, seemed happy to be out of the shelter. She found a friend who joked lovingly about her big bottom, which only made everyone love her more.

Jessie began to enjoy her new life, taking walks and exploring. She was only staying for a short time until they could find her a forever home. Five days after her rescue, Jessie’s personality shone bright. She was becoming famous for her big bottom, which seemed to get bigger every day.

Then, on day 10, the news only got better. Jessie traveled all the way to the Czech Republic and arrived at a new place at 1:00 PM. She wasn’t alone, as she brought two of her friends from the shelter with her. A kind person named Jasminka Gerstner welcomed them to a large home with lots of space and about 20 horses. It felt like fate had reached out to Jessie, offering her a second chance at happiness.

By day 15, Jessie and her friends, Sorby and Chocky, had settled into their new life. They were enjoying it and soon would take walks with the graceful horses.

When 100 days had passed, Jessie, the “Big Ass Girl,” along with all the other rescue dogs, achieved something wonderful. They went from having no home and no family to finding places where they were loved and happy. This journey isn’t just about Jessie; it’s a story of hope for many dogs like her. The aim is to help as many dogs from the streets as possible find homes where they will be loved and cared for.

The story of Jessie and her friends shows that with a little help, dogs can go from being alone to being a loved part of a family. It gives hope that many more dogs can have the same happy ending.

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He jumps in front of the car and stopped us, he is begging us like please take me take me…
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