What Happened When She Caught Her Dogs Red-Pawed With an Open Bag of Dog Food!

By Teresa Harper 2 Min Read

There’s something about dogs and mischief that just goes hand in hand. But when these two German Shepherds were put on the spot by their mom, their reactions were just too good not to share.

So here’s the deal: their mom walks to her car and, oh no, there’s an open bag of dog food in the trunk. Someone’s been snacking without permission! She looks at her dogs, Anubus and Penelope, and asks them who did it.

Anubus is super chill about the whole thing. He’s just sitting there all calm, looking at mom like, “What? Wasn’t me!” You’d almost believe him because he’s playing it so cool. He’s got this innocent vibe going on that’s pretty convincing.

Then there’s Penelope. She tries to keep it together, but guess what? She cracks a smile. Yes, a smile! It’s like she knows she’s been caught and can’t help but show a little guilty grin.

Their mom couldn’t stay serious for long because, come on, how can you not laugh at that? These two pups might not be great at hiding their snack attacks, but they’re hilarious when they try to act all innocent.

And you bet this funny moment got turned into a video. It’s one of those clips you’ve just got to share with everyone because it’s sure to bring out some chuckles.

Watch video here

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