Woman Finds Injured Puppy While On Vacation and Realizes She Can’t Leave Her Behind

By Teresa Harper 2 Min Read

Diana was enjoying her vacation, but that all changed when she spotted an injured puppy struggling to walk. The poor dog was dragging her back legs on the ground, and Diana knew she had to step in.

Cradling the puppy, Diana feared the worst—that the only option might be to put her down. But then she discovered that the puppy, whom she named Pinta, actually had a shot at a full life. Both of Pinta’s back legs were broken, yet surgery could possibly fix them.

image credit: We Love Animals

With her heart set on helping Pinta, Diana paid for the needed surgery. It didn’t stop there; she also decided to adopt Pinta and make her a part of her family, though it meant waiting for Pinta to recover first.

Finally, after four months of anticipation, Pinta made it to Diana’s home. With lots of patience and love, Diana taught Pinta to swim, aiding in her recovery. It’s been an incredible transformation for Pinta, who went from a bleak outlook to running and playing like any other happy pup.

Woman on vacation finds injured puppy and comes home with unexpected new family member

Thanks to Diana’s kindness, Pinta’s life has been filled with love, and her future is now bright.

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